Navettes longues distances

Long distance shuttles

It is not always easy to find the best solution when you want to travel long distances. If the traditional lanes like the train and the bus have shown their limits, with strikes and crowded wagons, our airport shuttle formula avoids all these inconveniences. It will allow you to travel long distances in a comfortable and air-conditioned vehicle with multiple free options on board such as WIFI, mineral water bottles, USB port…

Practical solution

Many studies show the limits of public transport for long-distance travel. Indeed, more and more people who are anxious to respect their program opt for the formulas offered by VTC companies and their private driver.

In addition to allowing users to always be at their meeting point, this solution helps to travel long distances without fatigue or delay. It will be possible to make a transfer from Deauville to Paris quickly and efficiently.

Long distance travel in a comfortable car

If many users do not see the need to travel long distances, it is not a coincidence. Most of the time, you find yourself very quickly numb in cramped spaces, with uncomfortable seats and a lack of service to make the time pass.

To allow you to leave Paris for Beauvais by shuttle comfortably, our offer of high-end services. In addition to relaxing in a cosy air-conditioned cockpit, you can use our many services to forget the miles between Paris and Fontainebleau. Feel free to trust Amor Prestige Driver to travel over long, secure and restful distances.

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