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Many customers complain and often with reason of the often blurred pricing as well as changes of “VTC” prices in Paris. To avoid giving bad surprises to our customers, we are committed to tariffs that take into care your needs, at no cost hidden. You will not be surprised at the prices that tend to fluctuate among other competitors.

Clear Packages

By opting for clear packages, we take care of the varied needs of our customers. We will take care of your extra baggage without asking for additional cost of payment.

Our drivers cars also have child boosters that will not be counted as a supplement in your final invoice. If the choice of the formula and the destination you want to cover affect the final price, all these prices are clearly indicated in our grid. You just have to associate them to check exactly the tariff that will be communicated to you.

Precise tariffs at no hidden cost

By setting up a rate grid, you can clearly know what you will have to pay and what it will cost you. Our “VTC” car service is charged on the basis of the kilometers travelled. This allows us not to let you get caught up in too complex calculations that might make you lose count.

Our VTC company also takes into account in its pricing your personal expectations. So if you want to go to several places throughout the city, you can take a private driver for one hour. In this case, you will not be charged per kilometer.

You benefit in addition to several services on board for free in an air-conditioned sedan car: Water bottles, confectionery, phone chargers and Child seat as needed.

Discover our VTC Shuttles

From 50.00 €

Mercedes-Benz Classe V

From 40.00 €

Sedan type Peugeot 508

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